The Fundamental Truth About Collecting Art

Art collection transcends the mere possession of objects. This paradox stems from the subjective nature of art itself. It's the emotion evoked in the beholder when encountering a profound work of art. Art speaks, eliciting emotions linked to where one has been, where one is, or where one is headed in their journey.
In this process, a relationship forms, lifting the artwork from mere subjectivity into a holistic realm. It becomes a gateway for inward healing. Artists are catalysts in this realm, selflessly navigating the world's pain and the absurdity of everyday, mundane problems.
These could be solved instantly but persist due to the self-centeredness of individuals absorbed in their own illusions, deliberately blinding themselves to the stark reality.
The primary adversary today is the inability to confront and solve mental health issues, attempting to use the mind to heal the mind - a fundamentally flawed approach. It's akin to needing a hammer for a nail but persisting with a screwdriver, resulting in a damaged wall. Upon realization, the shock of the damage is profound. Yet, there is beauty in the possibility of repair and correction, using the right tools for the right purpose.

This is the essence of art collection: a journey beyond the superficial, into a realm of deep emotional truth and healing. It's an unspoken dialogue between the artist and the beholder, a mutual understanding of life's deeper truths.

With unconditional love and serene peace,


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