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Untitled 497

Untitled 497

Thermo-Expressive Framed Artwork - Unique 'Untitled 497’ Oil Painting

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Discover the mysterious realm of Thermo-Expressive Art with Lenfantvivant's 'Untitled' series, represented here by an astounding oil pastel painting. Each artwork is a demonstration of the artist's bold sincerity and fearlessness, and as the narrative expands, so does the viewer's bond with the creator's journey. Using the heat of a public sauna, this artistry symbolizes a persona – a Latin concept depicting the masks we often don, emphasizing our duality and its effect on mental health.

Exhibiting a one-of-a-kind face shape, form, or color scheme, this diverse piece is an impressive supplement to any collection. Coupled together, they make up an interesting compilation, a conversation of distinct personas, and a visual study of our shared mental state.

Lenfantvivant's unparalleled approach questions established artistry and forge a visceral tie between the artist, the audience, and the art itself. Experience the unique story of an individual, and discover the intimate connection we all share. Take a chance and explore the captivating power of Untitled 497

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