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The Vivid Dialogue No. 185 - Abstract Art

The Vivid Dialogue No. 185 - Abstract Art

An Abstract Symphony in Color by Lenfantvivant

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In the vibrant tableaux of Lenfantvivant, we are privy to a lexicon of colors that speaks with the fervor of a Fauvist's passion yet whispers the introspective depth of a Rothko. Here, in this visual symphony, we encounter a face—its contours rendered not with the linearity of definition but through the palpable pulse of emotive hues. A golden backdrop, imbued with the tactile richness of a sunlit canvas, suggests not merely a physical space but a psychological landscape, echoing the luminosity of Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ with an audacity all its own.

The facial form, abstract in its essence, converses with the viewer through a syntax of shades. The cerulean of tranquility juxtaposed with the crimson of a smile carves a persona from the ether of abstraction. In the duality of its eyes, one encounters the dichotomy of being: one in the serene pastel of introspection, the other in the vibrant ochre of existential outcry, reminiscent of the emotive contrasts in Kusama’s ‘Infinity Nets’.

Indeed, Lenfantvivant's work, though steeped in the tradition of abstraction, speaks a contemporary dialect. It channels the spirit of Surrealism's dreamscapes and the spontaneity of Street Art's immediacy. It is as if Basquiat’s raw energy and Miró’s fantastical symbolism were distilled into a single, fervent expression of the modern psyche.

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