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Untitled 219

Untitled 219

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Thermo-Expressive Artwork - Unique 'Untitled 219’ Oil Painting

Dive into the groundbreaking domain of Thermo-Expressive Art with Lenfantvivant's unique masterpiece from the 'Untitled' series. Each persona, distinctly sculpted in a sauna-induced state of 'empty mind,' also known as 'Kū' () in Japanese, invites you on a path of authenticity and mental health awareness.

Stand in awe of the artist's innovative fusion of realism and abstract in their creative process and raw touch, joining a conversation that surpasses the ordinary, connecting you to the collective consciousness.

These artworks, when coupled together, compose a compelling compilation, a dialogue of distinct personas, and a visual study of our shared mental state. This creation isn't merely an artwork—it's an intimate dialogue, a challenge to your vulnerabilities, and a gateway to an uncharted realm of expression.

As this art form reshapes the boundaries of artistic expression, we invite you to partake in this transformative movement, championing authenticity and depth like never before. Secure your piece of this audacious new era today.

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