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Untitled 505

Untitled 505

Thermo-Expressive Framed Artwork - Unique 'Untitled 505’ Oil Painting

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Delve into Lenfantvivant's 'Untitled' series and discover the extraordinary world of Thermo-Expressive Art with this exceptional oil pastel painting. Representing a persona – a Latin concept illustrating the masks we wear – this remarkable artwork speaks to the importance of duality in mental health.

Each painting boasts its own unique face shape, form, or color palette, forming a thought-provoking ensemble when combined. This work, created in a public sauna and unlike any other, invites you to confront your vulnerabilities and explore deeper truths. Ready to hang, it's an invitation to join an intimate dialogue - be it alone or with other pieces in your collection - and embrace your authentic being.

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